Individual Membership

£7.00 / month

This is a rolling monthly subscription for individual teachers. It will grant unlimited access to:

  • 40+ hours of CPD videos to improve subject knowledge, exam preparation, subject pedagogy and more. (Full video list below)
  • Resources to accompany CPD videos
  • Complimentary tickets to all live CPD sessions for the duration of your membership (excluding courses)
  • New sessions which take place during your membership and added to this library for you to access (excluding courses)
  • Exclusive discounts to restricted content, including courses

This membership can be cancelled at any time

Full list of sessions included in this membership:

  1. (SERIES) AQA GCSE English Language – 4 sessions in total covering each component across the two Language papers.
  2. (SERIES) AQA GCSE English Literature – 5 sessions in total, covering each compoinent across the two Literature papers.
  3. (SERIES) Literacy for Classroom Teachers – 3 sessions in total: reading, writing, oracy.
  4. (SERIES) English ECT Training – 3 sessions in total: planning, feedback, SPAG
  5. (SERIES) Love Across the Ages – 3 sessions in total covering presentations of love across a range of commonly taught literary texts
  6. Grammar for Writing
  7. How to Teach Literary Theory
  8. How to Teach Vocabulary
  9. Shakespeare Tragedies
  10. Shakespeare Histories
  11. Shakespeare Comedies
  12. How to Teach Drama
  13. How to Teach Short Stories
  14. Approaches to Texts
  15. Write like a Journalist
  16. How to Teach ‘An Inspector Calls’
  17. How to Teach ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’
  18. Teaching Romeo and Juliet
  19. Macbeth and The Bible
  20. AQA Power and Conflict Poetry
  21. Teaching ‘Tissue’ by Imtiaz Dharker
  22. AQA Love and Relationships Poetry
  23. Unseen Poetry
  24. Revision
  25. Behaviour for ECTs
  26. Visualise Metaphor
  27. The ULTIMATE Grammar Course

We offer an ECT Membership for £3 per month, and School Memberships for £5 per person per month.

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