About Jennifer Webb (FunkyPedagogy)

I am a teacher, leader, author, blogger and speaker. I am currently Assistant Principal: Teaching, Learning and Staff Development at Co-op Academy Leeds, and have worked at a number of other schools in West Yorkshire, as a Head of English, an AST and a Lead Practitioner. I am the author of the best selling book, ‘How to Teach English Literature: Overcoming Cultural Poverty’ (2019) and ‘Teach Like a Writer’ (2020), both available on Amazon.

I deliver regular online CPD to hundreds of teachers every month and raise funds for a number of charities through ticket sales.

I am privileged to work with a highly talented and dynamic team, learning that leadership is hard but rewarding, and that mistakes are gold dust if you embrace them.

I’m mum to two beautiful little boys; the most important and challenging job and learning experience in the world!

I blog in order to develop myself, reflect on my experiences and share good practice.

Find me on Twitter: @FunkyPedagogy

Check out my CPD sessions on Eventbrite and on Vimeo.

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Knowledge and Skill Audits: know your team

Getting started in September with Y11 is always a challenge, even if they have been your class in Y10 and they’ve had a really consistent diet. Throw in a global pandemic, months of home learning (or not-learning), uncertainty and possible trauma for some, and things become very complicated indeed. Forgive me for using an obscure … Continue reading Knowledge and Skill Audits: know your team

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