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I’m Jennifer Webb

I am a Teacher, Leader, Author, Blogger And Speaker. I deliver regular online CPD to hundreds of teachers every month and raise funds for charities through ticket sales. I’m mum to two beautiful little boys and I am currently Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at Trinity Academy Cathedral in Wakefield…


Aside from the content, Jenny’s sessions have brought English teachers together from across the UK and beyond during an unsettled time in everyone’s lives. It’s given me structure and kept my mind working and thinking throughout the summer period. Thank you!


Love, love, love what you’re doing – the best English CPD in town!


You are amazing! You are down to earth, and I think that some teachers forget that aspect of themselves. I feel so lucky to have found your sessions. Please, please keep them coming!


Jenny’s sessions are very useful and love the idea of being able to access recordings afterwards. Always leave me feeling inspired and can clearly see how passionate she is about teaching and English as a subject! As an early career teacher she also provides sessions aimed for us which has helped to me feel less nervous about being an NQT in a few weeks!


Jenny is not only passionate and knowledgeable about her subject, but friendly and a great communicator too. I’ve really enjoyed every session so thank you.


As line manager for English this year, I asked Jenny if she would kindly consider delivering a full day’s CPD with a focus on developing creative, academic and transactional writing skills. (…) The whole English department had the opportunity to come off timetable and spend the day with Jenny – a published author, blogger, Twitter enthusiast and primarily, and outstanding teacher – to work on Teaching and Learning strategies with the overall objective of improving writing outcomes.

Needless to say, the day was a huge success. Jenny’s infections enthusiasm for her subject left department members inspired and motivated to make the necessary changes to their day-to-day classroom practice. We asked fort specific workshops on engaging both higher and lower prior attaining students, as well as exploring ideas on how to use the literature texts as a writing stimulus, and Jenny was more than happy to tailor the sessions to our individual needs. She talked enthusiastically and unapologetically about raising the bar and shared some impressive writing exemplars from a variety of ages and abilityes. Throught the day, Jenny was happy to discuss any concerns we had and shared countless tried-and-tested strategies to engage all learners in different types of writing. In the short-term, the day has inevitably changed the day-to-day practice of our English department, with the implementation of many ideas, from the creation of a character biography for creative writing purposes to the use of ‘swiss army knife quotations’ for Macbeth, in the classroom. In the long term, Jenny’s advice and guidance has encouraged us to explore more challenging options for our revamped Key Stage Three curriculum for 2021-22.

Thank you, Jenny. Your input has been invaluable.

Martin Barlow

Love them! Such a positive community has been created. You are so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and positive it is inspiring. Love the no nonsense approach to workload and marking and feel a fresh confidence in teaching old familiar texts. Thanks!


Jenny Webb was an inspirational speaker at our recent primary and secondary English conference. She enthused, engaged, challenged and delighted the audience with practical adviuce, giving them so much to think about and many useful ideas to take away! Her humility and enthusiasm set the day off perfectly!

Liz Canning

Jennifer delivered an insightful CPD to our whole Trust English team on ‘Tissue’ from the AQA Power and Conflict Anthology; the feedback from the event was so positive – teachers loved the practical teaching strategies she shared, as well as the way she analysed the poem’s complex imagery in an accessible yet perceptive way which gave everyone more confidence to teach the poem and ensure their students’ understanding.

Lyndsay Bawden

What I do



I teach full time in a busy secondary state school.



I deliver training for teachers.



I am an author of educational books, and write blogs and articles for teachers and school leaders.



I regularly speak at teaching conferences and on podcasts.