Amplify: Guest Blogs

This project is about elevating the voices of women in education – get in touch if you’d like to take part in the Amplify series and write a guest blog.

Be heard.

Women’s voices in the education sphere are sometimes lost. Writing well about the classroom takes experience, intelligence, insight… women have these things in abundance. What we sometimes lack is a platform, confidence and a call to action. The aim of ‘Amplify’ is simple: provide a platform and a stimulus for women to write about classroom practice. The hope is, through the safety net of collaboration and support, this project might prompt more women to start their own blogs and push away that imposter. If you would like to contribute a guest blog as part of the Amplify series, please get in touch.

Illustration of women holding up a megaphone to amplify the voice of another woman. Original artwork by Vanessa Lovegrove (2020)
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