Born A Crime

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Recommended by: Jane Hill

Contact: @codenamejane | @klslibrary

Author: Trevor Noah

Length: 288 pages

Brief synopsis: A comedian’s account of growing up as the child of a white father and black mother under Apartheid in South Africa, where his existence was evidence of his parents’ criminalised relationship. Entertainingly written, with lots of opportunities for rich discussion.

Age recommendation and challenging content: In the original adult version there is mature content – child abuse, domestic violence, government violence, heavy swearing. However, a YA edition is also available, with an adjusted text. Original book would be fine for mature Y10 upwards, but use judgement.

Notable reasons for recommending: Huge value as a fun, enjoyable read which students have engaged with tremendously at our school, and teachers have enjoyed reading with their classes. Links to curriculum topics: Apartheid South Africa, civil rights, racism, PSHE, and character education. Links to British Values: rule of law, individual liberty, and tolerance.

Other information: Written in a very accessible style, and easily chunked into short standalone sections if necessary.

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