The Space We’re In by Katya Balan

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Recommended by Rhiannon Simms (@Rhiannon_Simms)

Form and genre: Novel

Length: 304 pages

Summary: Tells the story of Frank who is ten and Max who is five. Frank is an average boy who likes cottage pie, football and cracking codes. Max has ALN and eats only Quavers and finds some colours too bright.

Suddenly tragedy occurs which hits Frank and Max’s lives like a comet. Frank, Max and dad have to overcome their grief to become a family again.

Age recommendation and challenging content: Bereavement (parent death). Suitable for Year 7 and Year 8.

Notable reasons for recommending this book: Offers a glimpse into Autism, friendship, not being ashamed of having a sibling with ALN, dealing with loss and family love.