Pink Mist by Owen Sheers

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Recommended by Katie Egan (@missk_egan)

Form and genre: Verse drama – War/Conflict

Length: 96 pages


(From Amazon) Pink Mist is a verse-drama about three young soldiers from Bristol who are deployed to Afghanistan. School friends still in their teens, Arthur, Hads and Taff each have their own reasons for enlisting.

Within a short space of time they return to the women in their lives (a mother, a wife, a girlfriend), all of whom must now share the psychological and physical aftershocks of their service.

Age recommendation and challenging content: Contains some swearing, and vivid descriptions of war/injuries.

Notable reasons for recommending this book: Brilliant in terms of context – links well with Power & Conflict poetry (especially ‘Remains’.) The language is also beautiful – plenty of complex imagery, and the genre is unique. Opportunities for cross-curricular work with Drama and History.

Other useful information: I have got the skeleton of a 6 week medium term plan for this – no PowerPoints etc but it is a week-by-week ‘to do’ list with suggested ideas/tasks/focus points. If you would like a copy, please email me: [email protected]