The Reading List Project

This is an ongoing project – please scroll down to contribute your own text recommendations below if you have them!

There are approximately 100,000 new novels published in the English language per year worldwide.

Think about that. 100,000 new texts which we might potentially share with our students. No wonder why teachers sometimes feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it all!

Enter The Reading List Project. This is a host of texts curated by teachers, for teachers.

Looking for something new for your curriculum?

Or something to recommend to students for reading at home?

These are all texts which are highly literary, challenging and deserving of our attention. Have a browse – you might find something which delights you!

We have just introduced the facility to recommend texts for EYFS-KS2, so please bear with us while we build up our bank of books for Primary aged children.

Click on a book cover to find out more about the text…

n.b All of these recommendations have been made by teachers, but it is up to YOU to do further research when making final decisions about texts for your students!

The Reading List Project Books

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