Lifting English

This is a small group coaching program for Heads of English aimed at raising practice, opportunities and outcomes in KS4. Each group is limited to 8 people in order to facilitate more intimate discussion and bespoke support. The program is in two parts: four group coaching sessions and a 1-1 coaching call with Jennifer.

Session 1

Exploring effective ways to map and sequence the curriculum in KS4 so that you can cover the course in an effective, rich way, whilst still having time for meaningful revision and adaptations in response to student need closer to the examination period.

Session 2

Exploring ways in which classroom practice is different in KS4: how does teaching for an exam spec differ to the relative freedom of KS3? How can we introduce consistent effective practices across a department? How can we ensure that teachers are involved, empowered and supported?

Session 3

Exploring strategies to improve the quality and quantity of student work: developing a culture for writing; establishing strategies to build to independence, motivation and reflection in students who are striving to achieve.

Session 4

Exploring ways to ensure that students can be their best in examinations: best practice for exam practice in classrooms, data analysis and powerful interventions; revision and homework culture.

These sessions take place online over the course of 1-2 months, and you also get a 1-1 coaching call with Jennifer where you can work through some of your challenges which are specific to your own school and career context.

Total Cost: £425

To see details of upcoming dates, and to register your place on the program, please see the form here.

If you have queries about this program, please drop me a direct email: [email protected]

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