Iridescent Adolescent from English and Media Centre (EMC)

Recommended by Nikki Bhatt (@likeshookfoil)

Form and genre: short stories

Length: 171 pages

Summary: The stories are set in settings as diverse as the Northumberland Coast to a Caribbean Island but all offer a gesture towards a restoration of human dignity and a chance for young readers to transform their experience of the world.

Age recommendation and challenging content: Some swearing, mild sexual references, child death in one story. Would recommend for Y9.

Notable reasons for recommending this book: I think the range of authors – Adichie, Phoebe Roy, Atwood, Almond, Gaiman, Desai, Earl Lovelace is a great introduction to worthy writers and such a range of styles and genre (horror, suspense, magic realism, science fiction, even a graphic story!)

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