Free Resources from ‘How to Teach English Literature’

If you have read my book, you can find all the resources I mention organised by name and page reference. I’ve also added them by category so that they are useful to those who haven’t got the book. If there’s something missing from here which you would like to see, please let me know and I’ll happily share!

If you would like to purchase my book, it is available on Amazon here.

Organised by page number:

p.23-24 Subject Knowledge Audit

p.25-31 Medium Term Plan

p.39-41 Whole Class Feedback Sheets

p.58 Swiss Army Knife Quotations

p.59 Explode a Quotation

p.60 Pyramid Analysis

p.65 Connotation Circles

p.66 Peephole Analyser

p.67 Character Outlines – Agard Example

p.68 Hexagon Analysis

p.70-71 Magnifying Glasses

p.72 Chunking Reading

p.87 Abstract Statements

p.91-93 Knowledge Organiser

p.102 Staging Diagram

p.112 ‘Write Like A Literary Critic’

p.121 Bird’s-Eye-View

p.124 Discuss, Define, Refine

p.125 The Solar System

p.129 Sliding Scale Success Criteria with pre-written DIRT

p.141 Task Ladder

p.148 Revision Clock

p.149 Revision Grid

p.153 Poetry Crush

p.158-159 Romeo and Juliet Extract Homework Grids

For more R&J homework extract grids, see my full set here: DOWNLOAD

Short SOW analysing media elements of Romeo and Juliet films (designed for use at the end of Y9): DOWNLOAD

Entire SOW for Jekyll and Hyde (Edexcel, but easily adapted for other boards): DOWNLOAD

Entire SOW for An Inspector Calls (Edexcel, but easily adapted for other boards): DOWNLOAD

Organised by category, title and description:

Download reading and analysis resources here.

Download writing resources here.

Download memory and recall resources here.

Download marking, feedback and planning resources here.

15 thoughts on “Free Resources from ‘How to Teach English Literature’

  1. I have bought the book. Thank you for making all the resources available, not many others would do that without an extra charge.

  2. The book is fantastic, thank you so much! Completely up to date and sure to completely change my teaching next year. I am NQT+1 this September and have year 11 for the first time, hoping to get it right with your help!

  3. The book is fantastic! Thank you so much for all the resources here. I will be NQT+1 in September and have year 11 for the first time, with your help hoping to really get it right!

  4. Thank you so much. I have recently bought your book and it will revolutionise my teaching. I have been teaching for 15 years – proof that we are always learning!

  5. I will be an NQT in September and my Mentor suggested your book – cannot wait to read it! Also loved your talk on LitDrive. Thank you for making it all so interesting and accessible x

  6. Thank you so much for your fantastic resources. I am currently starting my teaching career with Teach First and was pointed in the direction of your page. It has been so helpful! Thank you!

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