Department Subscriptions

English departments can subscribe to get full and flexible access to all of Jennifer Webb’s CPD sessions.

What are department subscriptions? 

With a Department Subscription you can sign up to get full access to all of my CPD videos for your whole English department. This is a flexible rolling monthly subscription which you can stop and start at any time. 

I love how the sessions are planned and delivered. They’re always really well structured and full of practical ideas and ways of implementing the knowledge in the classroom. I love how the sessions are presented: it feels very relaxed and fun! I love all of them!

Yamina Bibi AHT

I have every session I have attended to be hugely beneficial as well as the conversations I have had with my colleague who also attends.

Heidi Drake - Deputy Head Of English

Thought provoking and reassuring. Often I find you saying things I know or already do but also new resources and how to use things from your books but also guided to some great other reason). Integrity and honesty. Really helpful specific knowledge of lit and context in particular. Great we can watch later as I often can’t do them live. Haven’t used department subscription as staff do not have time to access at moment.

Natalie - Head of English/Associate Assistant Headteacher.

Utterly fabulous! Very well planned, engaging and so many useful ideas.


I love them! They are informative without being too full on, interesting, engaging and provide so many tips which are actually helpful and easy to use. Unlike some other CPD which is idealistic and (dare I say it) boring. I have found the recent paper 1/2 sessions particularly helpful 🙂

Josie Miotto - Teacher of English & Literacy Lead

Absolutely superb. Excellent ideas, clearly explained, lots of resources to take away and such phenomenal knowledge! Done as many as I can fit in!

Emma White - English Teacher and KS3 coordinator

Always practical advice which can be implemented immediately. I’ve gone back into classes the day after your sessions and been able to immediately improve delivery of skills. I like that you often have a section where you look at wider curriculum and the thinking which underpins it, challenging what’s there etc. You talk really, really fast so I always have to go back to the recording and check things but this is also great value for money on paid sessions as there’s typically around 3 hours of content in a 1 hour webinar.

Roz Burrows

Good presenters and lots of take away ideas.

Kirsten Roberts

Really interesting and informative. I found the sessions really inspiring and was able to take so many new ideas away to use un you he classroom. Thank you so much.

Angela - English teacher

I have attended a few sessions and always thoroughly enjoy them. Your passion for English shines through and you’re a very engaging speaker. I love that you give very practical, ready to use tips and activities for the Classroom, but which are clearly backed by research and/or your own experience. None of your CPD feels like a fad that I’ll be rolling my eyes at in a decade’s time because you clearly explain the rationale behind it and are always willing to engage in discussion. I have recommended your books and CPD to colleagues and my Schools Direct trainee loves them too!

Carla Da Silva - Deputy Head of English

Really useful and practical CPD based on things that really work in the classroom. I can’t recommend the CPD highly enough. Always well prepared and delivered on a range of useful topics.

Alison Clark - Assistant Head of English

Why should people subscribe? 

Give your team the opportunity to access high quality professional development which can work around their schedules. They can stop and start, re-watch, and access the content anytime from anywhere. 

Every new session which Jennifer runs as part of her CPD programme is added to the subscription list, so you will get access to all the newest content.

Subject knowledge enhancement.

Evidence-informed practice.

Practical strategies based on my philosophy.

Wide range of sessions tailored to core KS3, GCSE and A level skills and set texts 6. New sessions added every month.

Flexible recorded CPD - available whenever, wherever and however you want it!

Subscribe for videos & resources to support your teachers, trainees and curriculum development.

What areas do you cover?

There are dozens of sessions to choose from, covering everything from GCSE set texts to subject knowledge, from grammar to planning. Some sessions support practical classroom practice, while others explore strategies and advanced concepts for department leaders and curriculum development.

Check out our Recordings & Bundles page for a taster of what you can expect.