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I love delivering CPD.

I love delivering CPD. Whilst on maternity leave during lockdown in 2020 I got to thinking about how many teachers, particularly those new to the profession, were missing out on quality CPD because all our brilliant conferences and in-school training was on hold. I love doing it, and while there is an appetite for my sessions, I will keep putting them on and continue to donate 50% of the profits from live ticket sales to charitable causes.

There are various ways of accessing my sessions, from live sessions to video streaming, which you can see above.

All the resources which are mentioned in my CPD sessions are available for free download from the resource library on this site.

FREE Webinar: Teaching ‘Tissue’

This is a full webinar and Q&A which I ran in 2021 on teaching the poem ‘Tissue’.

You can find more of my CPD sessions to stream on Vimeo.

FREE Webinar: Metacognition

This is a full webinar and Q&A which I ran on 8th July. I talk about:

  • What Metacognition is and how it can have impact
  • Why it can difficult to implement in schools
  • How to make a start on metacognition as a teacher or school leader

Find out more in The Metacognition Handbook.

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