What happens in Slam Club, stays in Slam Club…

Slam has been a huge part of my teaching life for over two years, and in that time I have worked with hundreds of young people, shared their stories and felt their passions. To find out more about what Slam is and to see some great examples, see my previous blog: ‘5 Reasons why you should bring spoken word into your classroom’

In this post I hope to give some advice and guidance for anyone who wants to set up a slam club at school.

Here are my Slam Club rules, agreed with my current team:

We Only Deal in Truths – writing is about communicating truth, so if it’s not true for you, it’s not worth your breath. Continue reading “What happens in Slam Club, stays in Slam Club…”

5 Reasons why you should bring Spoken Word into your classroom…

A wise lady once told me that ‘Poetry is the music of language’. I take this to mean that poetry is simultaneously pure and abstract, both direct and ambiguous. Just like music, poetry needs an open mind, an open ear and, perhaps most importantly, no fear. Students of poetry must feel confident to face even the most intimidating poets of the canon, take them apart and reinvent them for themselves. If Shakespeare’s sonnets can speak to the students of their own frustrations and crushes, and if they can see something of their own lives in Chaucer’s pilgrims then poetry will become, like music, something which can comfort and stimulate them. Continue reading “5 Reasons why you should bring Spoken Word into your classroom…”