Abomination by Robert Swindells

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Recommended by Hope Redmond (@hopeyred)

Form and genre: Prose

Length: 140 pages

Summary: Centres around the protagonist Martha and her parents who are part of a strict religious sect and are harbouring a HUGE secret. Martha struggles to fit in at school until she makes one friend who helps her unveil the ‘abomination’.

Age recommendation and challenging content: Year 7- religious themes and some abuse from parent to child

Notable reasons for recommending this book: There’s a multi narrative structure and a great final twist. The morals of family and religion are all discussed in an accessible manner and lead students to delve into their own moral compass. There’s a great focus on friendship and standing up for what’s right which is brilliant for Year 7!

Other useful information: This would be a great text for a low ability group- accessible with lots of opinion points to touch on.